Recovery Coaches


 Need some extra support in your recovery?

COA Recovery Coaches can help.

Trained and certified by COA with the CCAR Recovery Coach curriculum, Recovery Coaches serve as personal guides and mentors to people seeking or already in long term recovery. Coaches remove barriers & obstacles to recovery by connecting recoverees with resources, developing personalized wellness plans, monitoring progress and providing lots of encouragement. They act as a compliment to counseling, 12-Step programs, spiritual pursuits, community activities and other recovery support systems.

In addition to the Recovery Coach certification, many of the COA Recovery Coaches have training and expertise in healthcare, wellness, personal finance, spirituality and other essential life skills areas.  They may also provide other services to the recovery community. Some offer coaching services to COA clients on a pro bono basis, others charge for their time. Coaching sessions may be conducted in person or remotely (phone/email/Skype). Please contact each coach you are interested in working with for further details.

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Glorilyn Huber is a 33 year old woman who loves people and is passionate to help those who have lost hope and purpose in their lives. Glorilyn is a dedicated advocate of recovery, who has experienced the affects of those caught in addiction, and has also seen the joy of those same lives completely changed, first hand. She is a Recovery Coach and volunteers for COA while running a men's sober house in Morrisville, PA. She is also on the board of and Treasurer for The Nehemiah Wall, an organization that provides a place of rehabilitation and nurturing for women recently incarcerated. She has a BA in Business Management, and is involved in production and various other ministries at Connect Church. Extracurricularly she loves to write, play softball, and enjoys many outdoor activities. She believes our strength is in our differences, we aren't meant to do life alone, and we all have the basic need of unconditional love. She aims to be the change she wants to see in the world. To connect with Glori, call/text her cell at (609) 790-7112, or email her at

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